5 Delicious Healthy Food Swaps

5 Delicious Healthy Food Swaps

Make your favorite meals even healthier with these 5 delicious healthy food swaps.

Cereal Oats

A lot of cereals that are available to choose from are high in sugar. It’s super important to provide yourself with enough energy to get you through to the next meal, without loading up on sugar.  Try and opt for a breakfast that will provide you with energy, as well as leaving you feeling satisfied for longer. Switching out a sugary breakfast – instead go for something like oats. Eat them warm with water or almond milk, or cold mixed through natural, unsweeted yoghurt.   Add a little fresh or dried fruit, some nuts, seeds, coconut, stir through a tablespoon of protein powder.  Mix it up and create your own, delicious, low sugar, satisfying breakfast.

White rice Freekah

Freekah has a lovely nutty flavour and unique chewy texture.  It can be cooked in the microwave and extremely versatile.  Freekah is rich in protein, vitamins and minerals.  Freekah is also high in fibre, has resistant starch and is low GI leaving you feeling fuller, for longer.  Use freekeh as you would rice, or quinoa.   Added to salads and soups, or flavoured with herbs and spices, eaten as a side to your favourite fish or chicken dish.

Sour Cream Yoghurt

Switch out regular sour cream for low-fat or non-fat natural or Greek yoghurt, or non-fat sour cream.  30 g of sour cream has approx. 6 times the calories of low or non-fat Greek yoghurt.  Yoghurt is delicious in dips, on baked sweet potato, spiced up with garlic and herbs and added to salads.

Fried Potato Roasted Sweet Potato

Boil a sweet potato to soften it, and brush it will a little canola or olive oil, then roasted in the oven till the outside crisps and the inside is fluffy.  ¾ Cup of sweet potato contains just 400kj, plus sweet potatoes are richer in vitamins and minerals than a 100g of white potato (not to mention, it has a third of the kjs!).  Try dessert sweet potato with some plain cottage cheese, a little honey, cinnamon, melted dark chocolate, coconut, nuts, cacao nibs, raspberries.

Ice- cream banana ice-cream

Cut a few ripe, peeled bananas and freeze. Once frozen, blitz the banana pieces till they resemble soft serve, add some flavourings such as vanilla, a pinch of salt, some almond milk, cacao, maple syrup, chopped pecans.  This treat is packed full of vitamins B6, C and potassium.

Have you tried any of these 5 delicious healthy food swaps? Tell us all about it in the comments below.

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