4 Steps To Prep Food Like A Pro

Food prepping. Fad? Or a smarter way of making good use of your time? Food prepping is a great way to make healthier choices when you don’t have time to cook and takes away the stress of what to eat, every day. Good bye impulse eating!

1. Make a plan

Formulate what meals you want to prep in advance, and an ingredients list. It may work for you to plan on a Friday, shop on a Saturday, and prep on a Sunday. Stick to your list when grocery shopping. And shop around – check out your local butcher, fish monger, green grocer. Be savvy and this could be a very cost effective way of managing your own or your family food budget.

2. Prep like a Boss

You can either cook and portion out complete meals, or just prep the ingredients that you’ll be using over the week. It may work to prepare a combination of both. For example, cook up a big batch of meatballs for Sunday dinner, portion out what you won’t be eating that night, and freeze batches in microwavable containers for nights when you want a simple, quick meal.

Oven bake chicken tenders or breasts, slice and freeze.

Prepare and chop a rainbow of fresh veg and store these in individual air-tight containers, in your fridge, so you only need to take out what you’ll be eating each time.

Divide raw mince and create individual portions, sealed in snap-lock bags, and freeze. You can do this with other raw meats such as diced chicken, lean bacon etc.

3. Storage

Freeze raw meat the same day you purchase it. Otherwise, store it on the bottom shelf of the fridge.

Label and date your food.

Store chopped up veg separate to raw meat.

Invest in good quality, freezer and microwave safe containers.

4. Tips and tricks:

Keep Hard boiled eggs in the fridge for a grab-and-go snack or protein addition to your meal.

Pasta can be pre-cooked and frozen and kept in the fridge for up to 5 days.

Marinated raw meat (last up to 3 days on the bottom shelf of your fridge)

Vegetable soup can be a filling, and fast meal. The flavour will improve over a few days. Chuck in some chopped chicken, a handful of pasta or pulses.

Prep your snacks – portion our dried fruit and nuts into small, individual containers and store in your pantry.

Prepare salad dressing or sauces separately – don’t add this to your salad until you are ready to eat.

Buy kitchen scales if you are wanting to portion our equal quantities for storage.

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